Melissa Senate

2018 Books & News

Just published! My new Harlequin Special Edition: DETECTIVE BARELLI'S LEGENDARY TRIPLETS. Spiked punch and an insta wedding chapel bring a detective and a single mother of triplets (who've known each other one hour) down the aisle. This is Book 2 of my new miniseries, The Wyoming Multiples (all novels stand alone). According to Wedlock Creek, Wyoming town legend, those who marry at the famed wedding chapel will have multiples (twins, triplets, maybe even quadruplets) in some way--whether through luck, science, marriage, or happenstance...

Next up, in July, is my contribution to the 2018 Montana Mavericks series Lonelyhearts Ranch: THE MAVERICK'S BABY-IN-WAITING. Then look for book three of my Wyoming Multiples miniseries in mid October, a holiday-themed novel: WYOMING CHRISTMAS SURPRISE (previously titled Sergeant Stark's Christmas Quadruplets--a mouthful!). If you missed book one of The Wyoming Multiples series, look for THE BABY SWITCH (April 2018).

I also wrote seven novels for Harlequin Special Edition under the name Meg Maxwell in 2016 and 2017. Check out Meg's website ( for more info!

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