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2019 Books & News

Coming March 17th from Harlequin Special Edition: WYOMING SPECIAL DELIVERY. The mysterious guest with a big secret at the Dawson Family Guest Ranch unexpectedly helps deliver nine-months-pregnant and alone Daisy Dawson's baby on the side of a Wyoming highway when she goes into labor. This is the second book of my 6-book miniseries, Dawson's Family Ranch, about six siblings and their Wyoming dude ranch. Lots of romance, smart heroines, some sexy cowboys, the mountains of Wyoming, and love...

Two more novels are coming this summer. In June, the next book in the Dawson Family Ranch series, A FAMILY FOR A WEEK, about what happens when a 99-year-old great-grandmother at a family reunion mistakes a serious bachelor and a single mother for a newly engaged couple. In July, my contribution to the new Montana Mavericks miniseries, What Happened to Beatrix: THE COWBOY'S COMEBACK. And then another Dawson Family Ranch novel in October: THE LONG AWAITED CHRISTMAS WISH about a U.S. Marshal who finds a 15 year-old letter to Santa in a bottle . . . and unexpected love.

Also available now from Harlequin Special Edition: FOR THE TWINS' SAKE (Book 1 of The Dawson Family Ranch), about a couple reunited by a baby left on a cowboy's doorstep, and A WYOMING CHRISTMAS TO REMEMBER, about a 32-year-old married woman who gets amnesia and can't remember her husband, hot Wedlock Creek Police Chief Sawyer Wolfe, or their rocky marriage. A second chance for them this Christmas? This is the 6th and final book in my miniseries the Wyoming Multiples.

2019 was a FIVE book year, all from Harlequin Special Edition. In January, Harlequin published a new multi-author miniseries called FUREVER PAWS, set at a North Carolina animal rescue. In my contribution, book 1, A NEW LEASH ON LOVE, an adorable puppy and a three-legged senior mutt help former high school sweethearts get a second chance at love almost two decades later. In March, TO KEEP HER BABY, about a pregnant young woman who fears a custody battle and is determined to transform herself in a "suitable" young mother. She enrolls at an etiquette school and ends up transforming the life of a buttoned-up businessman. This is another one of my favorites, with a VERY different heroine. In June, A PROMISE FOR THE TWINS about a former solider who comes home to Wyoming to fulfill a promise. RUST FALLS CREEK CINDERELLA, in July, is my contribution to the 2019 Montana Mavericks series Six Brides for Six Brothers (book 2). And a holiday-themed novel, A WYOMING CHRISTMAS TO REMEMBER (my 25th novel for Harlequin!) featuring a woman with amnesia who can't remember her husband, in mid October.

You can read my holiday novella, SANTA'S PLUS-ONE SURPRISE, at the Harlequin website. Look for it under Online Reads.

Did you know I also wrote seven novels for Harlequin Special Edition under the name Meg Maxwell in 2016 and 2017?

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