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2023 Books & News

Coming this summer, June 27th: SEVEN BIRTHDAY WISHES, part of my Dawson Family Ranch miniseries for Harlequin Special Edition. An injured bull rider returns to his hated hometown and discovers he has a seven-year-old son, challenging everything he thought he knew and wanted. To make up for missing the past seven years of his son's life, he grants the little guy seven birthday wishes. But can he make them ALL come true, including the one about his single mom? Look for three more of my novels in 2023...

Recently published: THE COWBOY'S MISTAKEN IDENTITY, part of my Dawsons Family Ranch series. What happens when an "executive cowboy" travels to a small Wyoming town to seek information about the father he never met and discovers he has an identical twin brother he never knew existed? An "evil" twin who fled town with people's trust and money--and left behind a baby son and struggling single mother . . .

My books are full of emotion, romance and heart, and set in Wyoming ranch country with a strong sense of community and a focus on finding family in all forms. Of course, there's usually a dog too. 2023 brings four new Dawson novels and a Montana Mavericks: January: THE COWBOY'S MISTAKEN IDENTITY. June: SEVEN BIRTHDAY WISHES. July: A MAVERICK REBORN (Montana Mavericks series). September: SNOWBOUND WITH A BABY. October: TRIPLETS UNDER THE TREE.

Want a list of all my Dawson Family Ranch books? See below. The first six books are best read in order. Starting with Book 7, His Baby No Matter What, about a widowed businessman who discovers his baby son isn't his biologically and travels to his late wife's best friend's alpaca farm for answers, the books can be read in any order.

Dawson Family Ranch books by Melissa Senate
(Set on on a family-run Wyoming guest/dude ranch, the series features lots of cowboys, smart women, adorable dogs, romance, and love.)
Book 1: For the Twins' Sake
Book 2: Wyoming Special Delivery
Book 3: A Family for a Week
Book 4: The Long-Awaited Christmas Wish
Book 5: Wyoming Cinderella
Book 6: Wyoming Matchmaker
Book 7: His Baby No Matter What
Book 8: Heir to the Ranch
Book 9: Santa's Twin Surprise, October 2022
Book 10: The Cowboy's Mistaken Identity, January 2023
Book 11: Seven Birthday Wishes (June 2023)
Montana Mavericks '23: A Maverick Reborn (July 2023)
Book 12: Snowbound With A Baby (September 2023)
Book 12: Triplets Under The Tree (October 2023)

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Did you know I also wrote seven novels for Harlequin Special Edition under the name Meg Maxwell in 2016 and 2017? My very first novel, See Jane Date, was published back in 2001 and was made into a very cute TV movie available on Amazon Prime and is sometimes still shown on the Hallmark Channel.

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