Melissa Senate

Author, Editor, Copywriter, Ghostwriter . . .

Just published! From Harlequin Special Edition, written under the pen name Meg Maxwell ( ): MOMMY AND THE MAVERICK, my contribution to the new Montana Mavericks series: The Great Family Roundup. And coming In October: SANTA'S SEVEN-DAY BABY TUTORIAL, about a young Amish woman who takes her long-put-off rumspringa when an FBI agent hires her as his temporary nanny for his twin infant nephews right before Christmas.

Also available in the Hurley's Homestyle Kitchen series: CHARM SCHOOL FOR COWBOYS (May 2017), about a pregnant-and-alone ranch cook who changes the lives of her handsome boss and four unruly cowboys; THE COOK'S SECRET INGREDIENT (Feb 2017); THE COWBOY'S BIG FAMILY TREE (Nov 2016); THE DETECTIVE'S 8 LB, 10 OZ SURPRISE (May 2016); AND A COWBOY IN THE KITCHEN (Feb 2016). A 6-book series, HURLEY'S HOMESTYLE KITCHEN involves romance, family, Texas, a half-century-old restaurant, po'boys, and is pretty much about how love sneaks in and changes everything.

And, there are more novels coming in 2018 and beyond. I have a shiny new 6 book contract with Harlequin Special Edition (and will be writing as Melissa Senate), starting with THE BABY SWITCH!, book 1 of a new miniseries, about a struggling single mother and a wealthy CEO (who's raising his orphaned nephew) who discover their babies were switched at birth six months ago.

Check out for more info about Meg Maxwell's novels and stay tuned for more about the new miniseries. Thanks so much for visiting!